Material Handling Boom

Material Handling Boom

Our goal in designing highly efficient material handling solutions is to help our customers to "Scale New Heights in Productivity" in handling bulk materials. The machine is designed from ground up, transforming from a standard excavator into a piece of highly sophisticated equipment. The most attractive proposition of an excavator-based machine is its fully hydraulic control, easier to operate and less costly to operate and maintain than any traditional crane-based material handling machine.

The applications of Material Handling Boom are:

  • High volume bulk material handling.
  • Ideal for loading and unloading bulk cargo at docks.
  • Replaces cable operated material handling machines.

Distinguished features of EIK Material Handling Boom are:

  • Widened and lengthened crawler track for stability.
  • Elevated structure with safety platform and hand rail.
  • Automatic interlock to prevent the machine from moving while boom and arm is in operation.
  • Articulating operator cabin for excellent aerial visibility.
  • Long reach front for maximum reach.