The heavy duty concrete crusher/pulverizer is designed with extreme versatility in mind. It has an independent high-powered hydraulic cylinder/ram for exceptional crushing capability. The side structure is a large one-piece non-welded component with additional reinforcement constructed from high-grade tensile steel, essential for its intended heavy duty applications. The side structure plate also serves as a protection guard to the hydraulic cylinder/ram. Its ultimate rigidity and hours of dependable service is a field proven testament of its unique geometry.

The applications of Crusher are:

  • Secondary crushing applications.
  • Crushing of industrial material.
  • Handling of waste material for recycling industry.

Distinguished features of EIK Crusher are:

  • Built-in cutting blades at the back of the jaws.
  • Replaceable cutting blades.
  • High-powered cylinder designed to quickly reduce concrete chunks into aggregrate.
  • Large one-piece non-welded rigid side structure, also serves as cylinder guard protector with reinforcement on both sides.
  • Simple installation, can be used in conjunction with quick coupler/hitch.