Orange Peel Grab

Orange Peel Grab

Orange Peel Grab (also known as Cactus Grabs) comes in 2 variants, hydraulic and mechanical. A rotator can be added as an optional feature for hydraulic version, assuring efficient and precise positioning of the load in the pile or over a truck. Both hydraulic and mechanical orange peel grab can confidently handle any heavy duty operations such as scrap metal, rock, wood chips, waste or recycling, etc.

The applications of Orange Peel Grab are:

  • Handling of scrap, rock, wood chips, garbage, etc.
  • Sorting, placement of rocks and bulky and irregular shaped items.
  • Dredging works.

Distinguished features of EIK Orange Peel Grab are:

  • Multiple tine design depending on the application.
  • Both hydraulic and mechanical designs available.
  • High quality material and parts used for minimum downtime and low maintenance.
  • Protective cover on all cylinders.
  • Relieve hydraulic pressure on cylinders from shock loads.
  • Optional rotating design (for hydraulic version only).