We design and manufacture various types and designs of buckets from 8 ton to more than 200 ton according to different sectors. The buckets are based on designs that have been developed over 10 years through feedback and experience gained from servicing our customers in different environment worldwide.

Whenever you need a bucket,regardless of rock bucket, heavy duty, general purpose bucket, ditching and cleaning out bucket, skeleton bucket,....for any excavator models, not restricted to construction, utility, material handling, recycling, dredging,forestry, or demolition applications, you can count on us to deliver quality buckets for your application needs.

The applications of buckets are:

  • Mining, rock handling, dredging, general purpose, ditching, trenching,etc.

Distinguished features of EIK buckets are:

  • Heavy duty design for harsh working environment.
  • Light and durable for high productivity and fuel economy.
  • Hydraulic operated tilting bucket.
  • Grade 4340 bucket pins